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Trade Products Corporation (TPC) is a provider of products and services. TPC's mission is to accomplish complete Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) projects for our customers, worldwide. We operate as a Furnishings contractor, dealer, or consultant, depending on the needs and capabilities of our customers. We plan, procure, deliver and install furnishings.TPC focuses on project work to furnish an entire space, building, or complex of buildings.

Our work embraces all types of FF&E and Collateral Equipment. This includes furniture, floor coverings, window and wall treatments, accessories, lighting, audio-visual systems,IT & computer systems, industrial machinery, equipment & systems, moving & relocation services, style & aesthetic consultation, logistics and schedule management, and environmental services.

TPC provides complete interior environments for Office, Residence, Dorm & Quarters, Hotel-Motel, Health Care, Education, Child Care, Recreation, and Industrial facilities.

"Package" your project! Combine all needed products and services into one ''package'' and place one order with Trade Products Corporation. Coordinate purchases and deliveries with Trade Products instead of with multiple suppliers. Trade Products can handle the entire project for you: help to plan your space, determine your requirements, supply all furnishings, schedule, deliver and install your complete order.We will manage the entire project and present you with a finished turnkey project. TPC can supply everything from office workstations to pool tables; from carpeting to window treatments; wall art to waiting area seating; signage to quarters furniture; health care products to lab furniture; elementary school items to college classroom furniture; shipboard furnishings and whatever else is needed to complete your space.

Just as you would hire a building contractor to construct your building from start to finish, you would hire Trade Products Corporation to furnish your building from start to finish.

If your project requires swing space Trade Products Corporation can handle your temporary move with minimal interruption to your normal operations.

We are experts in performing complex projects. Many of Trade Products' senior personnel have 39 years or more of furnishings experience. The Trade Products Team knows how to combine its experience and ideas with your tastes and your requirements to achieve the most attractive and functional furnishing solutions.

All of us at Trade Products recognize how important your project is. All of us are serious in our commitment to providing the quality products and timely services that you need and deserve.

Select only the services that you need. We often team with other professionals to accomplish tasks to our customers' satisfaction. Trade Products Corporation has furnished offices, quarters, schools and health care facilities around the world. Past and present clients include the US Congress, Office of the President of the United States, many Military Commands and Government Agencies, Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Trade Unions, Corporations, Universities, Schools, Stores, Restaurants, Hospitals, Clinics, Retirement Centers, Athletic Centers, Child Care Centers, Correctional Facilities, Factories, Maintenance Facilities, and Warehouses.

TPC puts together the right combination of planners, furniture manufacturers, trades people, transportation providers, managers, and laborers to ease the burden of your large project and save you money.

It would be our pleasure to hear from you and to discuss your needs. If you decide to Package your project and if you elect to enlist Trade Products Corporation as your project partner, simply tell us what you require, then sit back and watch us work!

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