Trade Products Corporation (aka "TPC", "Trade", or "Trade Products") is a Virginia Corporation. TPC is a Small Business Enterprise. We began as an organization of furniture professionals in 1975 and now have offices or affiliates in nearly every nation, supporting our customers worldwide.

Our headquarters is in Fairfax, VA, USA

Trade Products Corporation
Our Company name and our Company Logo shown at the top of each page, are our Trademarks, Service Marks, and company name. The use of these names and designations is authorized for TPC's specific and exclusive use. These official Trademarks and Service Marks are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. TRADE PRODUCTS CORPORATION is maintained on the USPTO Official Register

TPC offeres a broad range of products and services, both wholesale or retail. Our main business is to Plan, Procure, Deliver, and Install complex Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) and Collateral Equipment projects for our customers.

You may issue one Purchase Order to Trade Products Corporation to accomplish each furniture, fixtures, and equipment project.

Please Ask us for our references.

Our Team:
TPC employs Interior Designers and Space Planners to optimize the FF&E to your space. We employ engineers to relate the FF&E to architects, engineers, and construction tradespersons to integrate products with your other systems and utilities. We employ purchasing specialists to order the exact products you want. We employ logistics specialists to interface with production factories, transportation, storage, staging, and the project schedule. We employ specialized installers to handle and install your furnishings and equipment. We employ attorneys for accurate contracting and to avoid legal complications. We employ accountants for accurate billing, finance, and audit control. We employ project managers to tend all aspects of your project and be responsible to finish your project correctly, timely, and safely.

The primary contact to our customers is our Project Manager. TPC Project Managers are professionals that are skilled in responding to your project requirements from the beginning stages (specification/quoting) to delivery/installation and future reconfiguration and expansion. Our Project Managers are supported by a cadre of professionals: Interior Designers; Procurement; Installers; Accounting; Legal. TPC employees are distinguished with extraordinary degrees, certifications, accomplishments and experience that we are proud to share with you and apply on our projects.

In addition to our employees, TPC contracts and manages all types of furniture and equipment specialists to provide local support to our customers. We are experienced in working directly with Corporate Managers, Government personnel, General Contractors, Interior Designers and Architects to accomplish turn-key new construction or renovation projects. TPC treats our customers and our suppliers as we wish to be treated ourselves - with respect, care, and friendship.

Contact us to connect with our Project Manager that supports you.

Our Manufacturing and Supplier Partners:
TPC is a dealer for hundreds of furnishings and equipment manufacturers. We have many major manufacturers and suppliers directly on our contracts. We also engage in collaborative or teaming arrangements to assemble the right suppliers and service providers to meet your requirements.

TPC engenders good supplier relationships. We pay our bills promptly and encourage prompt-pay discounts from our suppliers. We operate to enhance our suppliers distribution systems for the benefit of our mutual customers.

Due to TPC's legal expertise, many customers engage TPC to "contract" the complete project. TPC issues accurate orders to suppliers who trust us to pay them timey. TPC elicits support of the vendor community by cooperative and correct dealing. TPC's non-adversarial approach eases the tension of a complicated project and allows everyone do their part without worrying about foolish legal entanglements.

Accent Drapery Company (division of Richert Inc.) is a soft goods manufacturer that is part of our Family and ready to supply you with your drapery, bedspreads, window treatment, carpet, and other fabric related requirements.

Contact us for any questions you may have about our products and services.
GSA Contracts:

  • GSA: GS-28F-0024M, Packaged Furniture
  • GSA: GS-29F-0018R, Comprehensive Furniture Management Services
  • GSA: GS-03F-0010J, Furnishings - soft goods
  • Various BPA and IDIQ contracts

Ask us for more details of what we can offer through specialized contracts.

Our Comittments:
Trade Products Corporation is committed to customer satisfaction. Our Team is ready, willing and able to address your requirements to your full satisfaction. Ask us about our "No Hassle Warranty".

Trade Products Corporation is a steward of our environment. Our Corporate Environmental Policy or product environmental information specific to your project is available upon request.

Trade Products Corporation is concerned for the Safety and Security of our customers, our team, our products, and our services. TPC Project Managers are OSHA safety certified. Given our commitment, we are experienced and prepared to fullfill specific project safety and security requirements. Our Corporate Safety and Security Policy is available upon request.


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Packaged Furniture: GS-28F-0024M
Comprehensive Furniture Management Services: GS-29F-0018R
Furnishings - Soft Goods: GS-03F-0010J
Email: sales@tradeproductscorp.com