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When you become responsible for any aspect of a furnishings project, we invite you to review our illustrations to see what styles and configurations might work for you.  Contact Trade Products Corporation to discuss your thoughts so that we can explore how best to optimize the furnishing of your space.  If you're looking for styling that's not featured on our website, that's not a problem; we offer an infinite variety of choices.  Trade Products will immediately begin working with you to optimize the furnishing of your space.  The initial consultation is free.

Please ask for Brent Neilson, our General Manager, or Allyn Richert, our President.

Trade Products Corporation's employees will make every effort to see that your experience  is positive and up to your expectations.

12124 Pope's Head Road
Fairfax, VA  22030
Toll Free:   (888) 352-3580
Local Phone:  (703) 502-9000
Fax:  (703) 502-9399
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