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We Furnish Buildings


Design Site Preparation, Transportation, Warehousing, Installation, Moving

For Commercial and GSA customers, Trade Products Corporation offers a wide variety of Furniture/Furnishings related services such as:

A) Manage projects, to include planning, implementation, budgeting, logistics, on-site supervision of project.  

B) Asset Management, to include computer inventories, related systems management bar coding.  

C)  Relocation and Moving, to include planning, coordinating, moving installation.  

D) Interior Design & Layout, to include space evaluation, direct or cooperative interior design, CAD or other plan development.  

E) Provide Completed Turnkey projects, to include furniture and furnishings, fixtures, equipment, complete interior renovations.

F) Furniture Maintenance, to include furniture repair, re-upholstery, cleaning, maintenance .

Trade Products Corporation regularly handles projects that require warehousing, moving, transportation, extensive interior renovations, interior design, supply of furniture and furnishings, installation of floor and window treatments, electrical and plumbing rework or changes, installation of furniture and furnishings, project management, and many other interior project requirements.

Trade Products saves its customers thousands of dollars by expeditiously handling all aspects of projects in a professional,  efficient, and timely manner.  All that our customers need to do is to provide a Statement of Work, consult with us to fine-tune it, and then sit back and watch us undertake the judicious completion of their projects.



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